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Dr. Christine Cantwell



Dr. Cantwell’s first introduction to chiropractic care came when she was 26 years old and suffered second degree burns in a kitchen accident. After acute care in the emergency room, a friend recommended she see a chiropractor. “But I don’t have back pain,”she said. Her friend told her that her body had been through a trauma, and it holds onto that reaction and won’t be able to fully heal until the flight or fight response is released. The chiropractor’s adjustment method were gentle touches at the base of Dr. Cantwell’s skull, and as her nervous system let go, she felt an instant flood of energy flow into her body. After a few more gentle touches, she was able to take a deep breath and felt her spinal muscles relax for the first time since the accident.

This was a powerful feeling. It inspired her, and made her realize that regaining physical well-being also changes one’s mental and emotional perspective and outlook on life, and is the first step to thriving in all aspects of life. She decided to make chiropractic care her life’s work, and it quickly became her life’s passion.

Dr. Cantwell studied chiropractic at Life Chiropractic West and soon opened the Thriving Life Wellness Center, affirming her own mission that everyone has the innate ability to thrive. Her approach is holistic, helping the body help itself, to achieve balance and sustainable healing. It’s called Bio Geometric Integration (BGI), a way for releasing stored potential energy in the body, via a combination of lighter touches and deeper adjustments to release tension patterns that have accumulated over time in your body. BGI focuses on locating your body’s inherent strengths and reconnecting the whole through breath and subtle movements. This approach builds energy and potential for release, rather than focusing only on the painful or out of balance area, which has developed “dis-ease”or "dis-harmony".

Dr. Cantwell also has a passion for working with mothers and babies, specializing in pre and postnatal care. She wants to ensure your baby has the greatest chance for a safe birth without complications. Her approach brings a connection to your pregnant body as a whole, while specifically assessing and aligning your pelvis so your pelvic bones are balanced and freely moving, releasing pulling torsion on the uterus, and giving space for gravity to help your baby to move into the ideal position for birth.

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