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Chiropractic Care

We practice a unique approach to chiropractic, called Bio-Geometric Integration. Our adjustments actually help your body to achieve the desired correction on its own, by tapping into the stored potential energy in the spinal and fascial systems. We have found this is the most effective way to get long term changes and results that last.

Many of these adjustments require only a light and gentle touch to allow your system to unwind.

With greater clarity, flexibility and ease in the communication pathways of the body, you can:

  • Recover from injuries more quickly
  • Decrease stress in your spinal system
  • Learn new strategies to avoid tension building up again
  • Your body’s self-corrective healing abilities are enhanced
Chiropractor adjusts female patient

All of this results in greater quality of life!

When we assess your problem area- we also look at your whole bodies' movement patterns, as well as lifestyle factors. We consider how everything is connected; from your ankles, to your knees, hips, spine, shoulders, neck, to even the balance of your skull bones on your neck and tension in your jaw. We also evaluate how you breath, how you move, how you sit- and where there is restriction and where there is potential energy stored in the system to be released.

Using breath and subtle motion of the spinal joints to increase body awareness, and a variety of adjusting tools and techniques, We help your body to release stress, increase joint mobility and improve posture, thus increase communication along the spinal networks, and there for increasing the position sense of your skeletal frame and this actually results in improvements in your everyday posture and the amount of tension you are 'walking around with'- over time this helps you to make lasting corrections on your own, and gain greater flexibility like an elastic band unwinding or a properly tuned guitar able to play beautiful music.

We (and Buckminster Fuller) view the body, like other living systems, as a Tensegrity Model.

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