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What is Shockwave Therapy

Our bodies do so much for us each day, and it is important that we give them the best care imaginable when it comes to injury recovery. With Shockwave Therapy, you are not merely mitigating the pain associated with injury, but you are also fixing the root of the problem. Shockwave Therapy is a proven noninvasive procedure that helps restore functionality and mobility for individuals with chronic pain in joints, ligaments, muscles and other soft tissues. It is a procedure without any complications. This noninvasive procedure is administered using a device that sends high-powered acoustic waves throughout the affected areas.

Chronic pain is a difficult health condition to live with because it can stop you from doing the things that you love and make it difficult to maintain an active lifestyle. With our help, you can avoid the long, and often invasive, traditional treatment methods by simply activating your body’s natural healing responses through Shockwave Therapy. The machine we use is of incredibly high caliber, it is equivalent to what is used by professional sports teams and hospitals.

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How Does it Work

Shock waves (which are sound waves) enter the cells which causes the cells to stretch and then rebound from that stretch. This radical change in shape triggers a response from the body which improves microcirculation and oxygen supply, has long term anti-inflammatory effects, and produces angiogenesis which is the formation of new blood vessels.

Think of it like a simulated injury. But rest assured that no tissue will be damaged, however, the tissue responds as if it was injured and it triggers the same response allowing the body to send signals to repair the affected area. This works on chronic issues, old injuries, there’s no limit!

It is a mechanical stimulus that has a biological effect. New cells are stimulated in numerous tissue types such as:

  • Tenocytes in tendons
  • Fibroblasts in ligaments and skin
  • Chondrocytes in articular cartilage
  • Osteocytes in bone
  • And endothelial cells in blood vessels

Shockwave Therapy has been around for decades which has allowed Shockwave Therapy to have a proven history. In fact, 80% of people find significant long lasting relief from the procedure.

Post Treatment and Side Effects

After your treatment you will have no significant modification to your activities. We recommend that you limit the use of the treated area for 72 hours after treatment to achieve the best results. In terms of side effects, Shockwave Therapy is less painful than the post effects of a massage. The effects are very benign, it is almost impossible to have adverse effects and the therapy is not damaging to the tissue.


Shockwave Therapy offers long lasting results. Typically, you do not need to repeat the process once the area has undergone a treatment program. Our programs consist of 3-6 sessions one week apart, repeated on a given area to get lasting results! Generally, the 1st session is the most uncomfortable and initial pain reduction is felt even after 1- 2 sessions, but continued and sustained improvements in pain level and tissue healing continue for 6-8 weeks following the last session.

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Why Should You Consider Shockwave Therapy?

You’re probably aware of the two most common treatments for chronic pain; analgesics, also called painkillers, and surgery. Analgesics are not a viable solution if you are after long-term healing. They do help manage pain, but their effectiveness decreases with time.

The other alternative is surgery which is effective in both reducing pain and restoring mobility. The downside, however, is that surgical procedures often take a significantly long time to fully heal, sometimes months or years, and the rehabilitation period can take even longer! Not to mention the risk of infection and or tissue damage that can follow surgeries can put you in an even worse place than where you started.

Shockwave Therapy not only avoids the risks of surgery but, more importantly, accelerates the natural healing process and helps you regain full control over your body. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Up to 80% of the same patients worldwide report that Shockwave Therapy has helped them liminate their problem. Additionally, countless studies have shown the proven efficacy of Shockwave Therapy. Because Shockwave Therapy promotes cell proliferation, which is vital in wound healing, and the release of cellular ATP, which has strong anti-inflammatory effects it is an effective treatment for many types of injury (Weihs et al. 2014).

What Kind of Injuries Does Shockwave Therapy Help With?

Shockwave Therapy can help with pain management due to both previous and new injuries. It works to stimulate the repair and regeneration of tissue, vascular and musculoskeletal areas.

Additionally, this treatment can be used in combination with surgery to aid in recovery and pain management.

This treatment is for everyone, not just for professional athletes!

Costs and Treatment Protocol

This treatment with our advanced, extra powerful and deeply penetrative sound wave technology- known as Extracorporeal Shockwave Technology (ESWT) costs $350 per session. This treatment for many is an alternative to surgery, or to costly stem cell or PRP injections, which cost many times the price- with no guarantee of success.

protocols, actually can work along side these methods to enhance their effectiveness if you so choose.

To achieve a high level of efficacy, it is recommended that you undergo 4-6 sessions to address an area of chronic joint, tendon or soft tissue injury.

We offer payment plans and treatment packages which significantly reduce the cost of your pain relief program and some types of PPO insurance do offer reimbursement for Shockwave Therapy at our office. Additionally, using a Health Savings Account fund is an option.

While this may seem expensive, this treatment costs less than your deductible for seeing an orthopedic surgeon, a series of 10 sessions with a personal trainer, or even weekly massages or adjustments to try and deal with chronic pain!

Most of our shockwave patients find PERMANENT relief from their chronic pain without harmful side effects of medications or the risks of surgical complications.