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Interactive Neuromuscular Stimulation


At Thriving Life Wellness we are always looking for ways to innovate and improve the results our patients get in improving their pain relief and function. One of these breakthrough technologies is the NXPRO:

The NXPRO is our Interactive Neuromuscular Stimulation (INS) device.

It is a combination of high frequency alternating current paired with a lower frequency pulsed direct current waveform. This technology allows the patient to identify an area of dysfunctional tissue and treat the responding identifying areas. Resulting in an immediate reduction of pain and tightness within the tissues of the muscle.


A unique feature of the NXPRO is you can stretch or activate a muscle during stimulation, and also that your body sensations help direct us to know where the tissue has scar tissue and restrictions and in need of lengthening.

That interactive nature allows for a really dramatic change in muscle tone in just 15 minutes relieving chronic pain patterns but actually lengthening contracted tissue and increased nerve resiliency.

This technology is used by professional sports teams, body builders, and rehabilitation specialists to facilitate muscle changes in a way not previously possible.

Schedule an NXPRO session on its own or in combination with a Chiropractic adjustment for great results, typically one problem area benefits most from 4 sessions of repeated treatment.

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The NXPro is driven by INS, is FDA approved and can help: