What Does Christine Actually Do When She Adjusts You?
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What Does Christine Actually Do When She Adjusts You?
Chiropractic Adjustment
A while ago I travelled to Chicago, to attend a Bio Geometric Integration (BGI) Forum, BGI is the unique and powerful chiropractic approach that we utilize to access your bodies healing abilities at Thriving Life Wellness. I had the opportunity to learn from and teach alongside, Dr. Sue Brown, the originator of BGI, as well workshop with colleagues from US, Canada, Spain, UK, Australia, and China about the latest developments that they are seeing in their practices.

There was also workshops designed to integrate the universal concepts of BGI into other aspects of healing and life, such as Pilates, Martial Arts, deeper anatomical understandings, and also the evolution of the art of chiropractic.

I was fortunate enough to also assist, Dr. Sue in teaching some aspects of our work to a group of non-chiropractors. This is the first time that such a course has been offered. Participants were body workers, equine body workers, grandmothers, parents, meditators and interested chiropractic patients. The people who participated in this program were kind, curious, skilled and easily able to start feeling and responding to the bodies more subtle signals, and gently help the system to reconnect and begin a process of integration.

At this conference, I reflected that I have been studying this art form of BGI for 14 years, as I started to learn it the very first semester I was in Chiropractic College! While I will say that after all that time, my depth of understanding of the body’s interconnectedness is pretty extensive, and perhaps that is why when I am adjusting, people often say to me, “how did you know that is exactly where my body needed attention?” With any true discipline, there is always more to learn and sometimes, especially when I am beginning to try a share the concepts with others, I question everything I know and wonder if the foundation has dropped out from under me, as new concepts and understandings emerge.

I was amazed to see the participants in the workshop, with no background in chiropractic, or with BGI, have such accurate and specific results with their first couple of touches. How can that be?

It is because, within the framework on BioGeometric Integration, we are honing our skills at listening to the signals that the body is showing us, and also our skill and connecting in a heart centered way to another being and seeing there essential goodness and healing potential. Having an advanced degree and intellectual categorizations of the body and its syndromes and problems, can actually be a hindrance to staying in this place of connection. AS we start to “look for” the problem, we overlook the solution. “The solution to a system being out of balance is to connect it more deeply to itself.”

The purpose of chiropractic is to release the interference to the expression of your systems’ innate healing abilities. The unique understanding of BioGeometric Integration is how things are connected from top to bottom and on micro and macro scales within your system, so that when an area of potential energy is released, the information held in that vibration is integrated throughout the system and you have the opportunity to learn, grow and evolve as a result of the greater complexity that your system is now expressing.

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